The GhostShip Chevelle of Cutthroat Customs & Classics

Not every one can make Cutthroat Captain, but you can always try.

About The GhostShip Chevelle

1970 Chevelle Purchased in 1987 from the second one. 

Tragically wrecked in the summer of 1989 only after only a short life with its new 400 power plant. Quickly rebuilt with used parts we knew she could be more than she was now. the image was always there but the means was not. 2005 I began the refit after being sunk from the depths. in 2009 she rose up stronger, faster and darker, sexier with me at the helm.

The GhostShip Chevelle now with 

High performance 406 cubic inch Small Bock Chevy Motor

TH350 High Stall Transmission

20 inch High Chrome Wheels.

Pirate Theme inside and out. 

No trailer queen she be. every part of this car was built to be drove.

Every Car is unique. Every street is its own. Every Cruise deserves to be considered for its independence