So you wan t to be Cutthroat

if your serious here is how to apply

Be sponsored by a Cutthroat captain

Do your time before the mast (do favors)

Own your own ride. No Fees Club

Be willing to help other members on short notice

Answer these questions

1. How many feet in a quarter mile

2. How many feet in a nautical mile

3. What are 3 deuces  and a four speed

4. Name 3 real Pirate Captains

5. What part of your car has been Pirated

6. How did you get your ride

7. What does loyalty mean to you

8. What is your preferred drink

9. When was the golden age or piracy

10. Would your rather race or cruise

11. Decode this.   A *irat*s Li*e F*r M*

send answers to


The GhostShip Chevelle of Cutthroat Customs & Classics

Not every one can be a Cutthroat But you can always Dream